A piece
of Austria

A piece
of Austria


Fine gingerbread and fruity cherry-marzipan „red-white-red“, crowned with the queen of Alpine flowers – the Edelweiss. Handmade by our patissiers in Landtmann’s feiner Patisserie and baked according to Viennese confectionery tradition.
A sweet piece of Austria.


Available in our Viennese cafés and restaurants.


The popular souvenir from Austria

The Edelweiss is the most iconic Austrian Alpine flower. The velvety white leaves form the typical star-shaped flower. Traditionally, the Edelweiss was used as a
medical herb, but is also popular as a durable and rare souvenir. Since 1886, the Edelweiss

The history of Edelweiß

A cake with tradition

The Edelweiß

Myth & symbol

The Edelweiss is a popular souvenir from Austria. In earlier times, the rare Edelweiss was picked from dangerous mountain ledges by young, brave men for their beloved ones. It stands for the values courage, loyalty and companionship.


Due to increasing Alp tourism, the Edelweiss has been under nature conservation since 1886. In the past, the Alpine flower decorated the 1-Schilling-coin, today the Austrian 2 Euro-Cent-coin. Therefore, nearly every wallet is home to the Edelweiss.

The Sisi Stars

The famous hair decoration of the empress

The empress Sisi wore the Edelweiss as a diamond hair decoration and the Alpine flower became a wearable symbol. The star-shaped so-called "Sisi-Stars" were a noble jewellery. They were made out of white gold and they were decorated with 46 diamonds. Rumour has it, Sisi had the jewellery made after seeing Mozart's opera Zauberflöte.


However, the unique "Sisi-Stars" became known through a portrait of Sisi, made by the painter Franz Xaver Winterhalter. Today, only 15 out of 27 stars, which were produced for the empress in various sizes, do still exist.

Sound of Music

Every morning you greet me...

More recently, the Alpine flower became internationally known through the Edelweiss song from the movie „the Sound of Music“ by Richard Rodgers und Oscar Hammerstein II. The song is often mistaken as the Austrian national anthem.


In 1984, the former Austrian President Dr. Rudolf Kirchschläger visited the White House. To welcome him, the Americans including President Ronald Reagan sang this song, whereas the Austrian delegation was confused. While „The Sound of Music“ is an internationally recognised movie, neither the movie nor the song is known by the majority of Austrians.



An establishment of family Querfeld

What a pleasure that you are interested in the Edelweiss Torte. All cakes and pastries are lovingly handcrafted and baked at Landtmann's fine patisserie. Our master confectioners love their craft and the good old recipes of the Viennese pastry cuisine. Landtmann's fine patisserie is the heart of our family business. The typical Viennese coffee house culture us Querfelds stand for, would be unimaginable without fine cakes and pastries. 

It would be a pleasure to welcome you in one of our cafés soon. What is there for you to discover? Nothing less than the traditional Viennese coffee house culture in harmony with the lifestyle of our livable and lovable city. With everything that makes Vienna so unique in the world.


Available in our Viennese cafés & restaurants.